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Us this mdication gulaly tgt th most bnit om it. Continu tus it th ull tim pscibd, vn i symptoms disappa at a w days. Stopping th mdication toaly may sult in a tun th inction.

Avoid gtting this mdicin in you ys, mouth, nos. A spaat poduct calld Bactoban nasal is mad us in th nos. Bactoban topical is us only on th skin.

BACTOBAN cam is a psciption mdicin usd on th skin (topical us) ttat ctain skin inctions causd by bactia calld Staphylococcus auus and Stptococcus pyogns.

Gnic Nam: mupiocin topical (myoP oh sin) Band Nams: Bactoban, Cntany, Cntany AT Kit.

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