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In addition tadvs actions potd om clinical tials, th ollowing actions hav bn idntiid duing postmakting us BACTOBAN ointmnt. Bcaus thy a potd voluntaily om a population unknown siz, stimats quncy cannot b mad. Ths actions hav bn chosn inclusion du ta combination thi siousnss, quncy poting, potntial causal lationship tBACTOBAN ointmnt.

Us this mdicin th ull pscibd lngth tim. You symptoms may impov bth inction is compltly clad. Skipping doss may alsincas you isk uth inction that is sistant tantibiotics.

C. diicil poducs toxins A and B which contibut tth dvlopmnt CDAD. Hyptoxinpoducing stains C. diicil caus incasd mobidity and motality, as ths inctions can b actoy tantimicobial thapy and may qui colctomy. CDAD must b considd in all patints whpsnt with diaha ollowing antibactial dug us. Caul mdical histoy is ncssay sinc CDAD has bn potd toccu ov 2 months at th administation antibactial agnts.

Bactoban (mupiocin) is an antibiotic that pvnts bactia om gowing on you skin.

Sv allgic actions. Stop using BACTOBAN cam and call you halthca povid gtth nast mgncy oom ight away i you hav any th ollowing signs symptoms a sv allgic action: hivs swlling you ac, lips, mouth, tongu a ash ov you whol body toubl bathing whzing dizzinss, ast hatbat, pounding in you chst y iitation. Dnot gt BACTOBAN cam in you ys. I BACTOBAN cam gts in you ys, ins you ys wll with wat. iitation in th aa BACTOBAN cam is usd. A ash may occu at using BACTOBAN cam and can b sv. Stop using BACTOBAN cam and call you halthca povid i you dvlop an iitation, sv itching, a ash whil using BACTOBAN cam. a typ diaha calld clostidium diicil -associatd diaha (CDAD). CDAD may happn in popl whus hav usd mdicin ttat bactial inctions. Th svity CDAD can ang om mild diaha tsv diaha that may caus dath (atal colitis). Call you halthca povid gtth nast mgncy oom ight away i you hav diaha whil using at you stop using BACTOBAN cam.

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