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Tll you doctand phamacist i you a allgic tampicillin; sulbactam; pnicillin antibiotics; cphalospoin antibiotics such as caclo, cadoxil, cazolin (Anc, Kzol), cdini, cditon, cpim (Maxipim), cixim (Supax), cotaxim (Claoan), cottan, coxitin (Moxin), cpodoxim, cpozil, ctaolin (Tlao), ctazidim (otaz, Tazic, in Avycaz), ctibutn, ctiaxon,cuoxim (Ctin, Zinac), and cphalxin (Klx); any oth mdications; any th ingdints in ampicillin and sulbactam injction. Ask you phamacist a list th ingdints. tll you doctand phamacist what oth psciption and nonpsciption mdications, vitamins, nutitional supplmnts, and hbal poducts you a taking plan ttak. B su tmntion any th ollowing: allopuinol (Alopim, Lopuin, Zylopim), pobncid (Pobalan, in Col-Pobncid). You doctmay nd tchang th doss you mdications monityou caully sid cts. tll you docti you hav hav v had liv disas, spcially i it occud at using a pnicillin antibiotic. You doctmay tll you not tus ampicillin and sulbactam injction. tll you docti you hav mononuclosis (a vius alscalld ‘mono’), and i you hav hav v had allgis, asthma, hivs, hay v, kidny disas. tll you docti you a pgnant, plan tbcom pgnant, a bastding. I you bcom pgnant whil using ampicillin and sulbactam injction, call you docto.

Sious and occasional atal hypsnsitivity (anaphylactoid) actions hav bn potd in patints on pnicillin thapy. Although anaphylaxis is mqunt ollowing pantal administation, it has occud in patints on oal pnicillins. Ths actions a mapt toccu in individuals with a histoy at pnicillin hypsnsitivity and/a histoy snsitivity tmultipl allgns. Th hav bn wll documntd pots individuals with a histoy pnicillin hypsnsitivity whhav xpincd sv hypsnsitivity actions whn tatd with cphalospoins. Binitiating thapy with any pnicillin, caul inquiy should b mad concning pvious hypsnsitivity actions tpnicillins, cphalospoins, and oth allgns. I an allgic action occus, th dug should b discontinud and appopiat thapy institutd. Sious anaphylactoid actions qui immdiat mgncy tatmnt with pinphin. Oxygn, intavnous stoids, and aiway managmnt, including intubation, should alsb administd as indicatd.

This inomation dos not contain all possibl intactions advs cts. Tho, busing this poduct, tll you doctphamacist all th poducts you us. Kp a list all you mdications with you, and sha this inomation with you doctand phamacist. Chck with you halth ca possional doctadditional mdical advic, i you hav halth qustions, concns minomation about this mdicin.

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chloramphenicol versus ampicillin plus gentamicin for community acquired very severe pneumonia among children aged 2-59 months in low resource settings multicentre randomised controlled trial spear study bmj.

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